Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blogging Hiatus

It's rainy here in downtown Seattle—I mean, Tucson. I'm blogging from Skybar, one of the local haunts for coffee goers.

Unfortunately the month of January/early February have been difficult, and may continue to be difficult, mostly due to financial reasons. This is why I've been on a bit of hiatus for blogging. Ironically, I can make as much work for myself as I want—the question is, will it bring in an income? While my schedule of design gigs suggests that after mid-February things will look much more up than they have been lately, nevertheless I have concluded that, in the grand scheme of my experiment—the move to Tucson—it is time to get a "real" job.

Not that design is not a real job. But between the economy, lack of connections, and the downturn of a few certain gigs that I have gotten, I've concluded that a more stable column in the income picture is necessary. Maybe I won't need it forever—but January taught me a few good lessons about what a bad economy can do to someone trying to make a living off their art, and just starting at it under a new name.

So my apologies for the hiatus, and unfortunately it may continue until things look much better. My intention with this blog was not only to be consistent, but for it to be a live documentation of my artistic works, my written works, and my progress in Flam Chen. While it is still all these things, finances have engulfed all these other priorities that would require, or suggest blogging. Thus, blogging is also on a hiatus.

My best to my (few) readers—and I promise I will return, and likely with much more exciting news than this!

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